Is Amazon Sales Estimator Worthy?

created on 20/Feb/20 19:31

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Sales estimator is one of the Amazon product that gives the seller a monthly sales projection through various free tools like Jungle Scout and IO scout. This sales estimator analyzes sales volumes on products of the same rank from all your competitors and produces the sales data on which products sell high and the profit margin it attracts. FBA Amazon sellers know the kind of competition they are facing and with such information, they have been able to estimate their sales, capitalize on the right products and launch a strong competition that has kept them in the market otherwise they would have quit but sales estimator gives the strength to hold on. If they can disclose this, they will tell you that Amazon is where to be, it’s where all the success starts.

Why Amazon Sales Estimator

Before I tell you why Amazon sales estimator is worthy, let’s talk a little bit about Jungle scout which is one of the free tools that Amazon Sellers use. It’s one of the easily accessed Amazon sales estimator tools on its website, which helps sellers to roughly estimate sales. Am using the word ‘ roughly’ because it gives you sales estimate based on the general product in the market but not specifically your own product, it gives sales estimate on all competitors product of the same rank in the market. One important thing is that it narrows down the estimate to a number of categories you can choose from and collect all the sales data and reviews on the products. For sellers to optimize this Jungle scout you must know the sales ranks of the product.

I bet every FBA Amazon seller will tell you how important the whole thing about sales estimator is, first it offers you everything you need to know about the market, business sails in two principles (demand and supply) and with one constant known it is simple to fix the other. With Amazon sales volume estimator you know the demand and the market share you claim, this helps you focus on the internal factors that strengthen your competitiveness and claim a large market. Every seller works hard to come at the top of the market share percentage but striving on blind variables always dooms your products and therefore to start with, you must know what you are fighting for.

Amazon has several sales estimator tools. The exceptional tool is called Helium 10, personally, I call this the umbrella Amazon sales estimator. This Helium 10 offers almost everything under its own roof. Talk of the following

  1. Sales estimator
  2. Keyword rank tracker
  3. Duplicate keyword eliminator
  4. Amazon sales calculator

This shows that you will always look up to Helium 10 and Amazon sales estimator. It will surprise you that when you are in this Amazon sales estimator you have every little detail about the market, imagine being able to do Amazon sales calculator, take a look at Amazon sales volume, product ranks and the expansion you can make to claim more market share? Isn’t this great and worth to have Amazon sales estimator?


Finally, I believe you now understand this Amazon sales estimator thing but am interested in the question, “the worth of Amazon sale estimator”. It isn’t about figures or what people think that it analyzes your sales but, it gives you estimates on what your products or what your production sale can accrue in the month and the market percentage you claim. Many may try estimating their monthly product sales but believe me when I say it’s just a waste of time. Amazon sales estimator is something far from what you may think of, all the rest is just but figures based on theories but here at Amazon, the sale estimator uses several tools that give you the power to calculate, analyze and decide how your product will be ranked on Amazon sales rank. I can say they are precise and concise to the need in question. Therefore to answer the question is Amazon sales estimator is worthy and the best sales estimator everyone can get. It is fair to say if you want to be a smart seller, Amazon sales estimator is the tool to use.

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